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Debt is one of the hardest obstacles to overcome on your own. On top of creditor harassment  and the worry of how to manage day-to-day, you are shouldering a heavy burden that our lawyer can help lighten. The Law Offices of Danny K. Agai offers all the debt relief you need in the form of an experienced, compassionate, and genuine lawyer. 

Attorney Danny Agai has nearly a decade of experience helping clients manage bankruptcy and debt, including nonprofit bankruptcy counseling, and he aims to go above and beyond for clients. When you work with Attorney Danny Agai, you can expect thorough debt relief planning as well as budgeting and debt management tips for how to maintain long-term financial stability. He’s passionate about providing clients with the necessary financial planning resources to feel confident about their future, even after overcoming debt.

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Debt Relief Options

There are several options for debt relief. Some might suggest negotiating directly with creditors. A debtor may notify them of a significant life change, such as a sudden job loss, and negotiate a payment plan with willing creditors. However, not all creditors will welcome this option and may sue a debtor (and reap the benefits of a successful lawsuit as well).

Alternatively, some may recommend working with a debt settlement agency, which works with creditors for you and helps you create a debt management plan. These agencies often offer money management education, budget counseling, and debt counseling. However, these are for-profit companies whose fees could add to your debt load. They may help you communicate with creditors, but they do not offer legal services in the event of a lawsuit from creditors.

The strongest debt relief option is likely legal representation. Working with an experienced debt relief attorney can ensure that a debtor has all their bases covered – especially the legal bases that could otherwise lead to further complications. 

An attorney can help a debtor plan for the following:

Lawyers can be especially helpful for tax debt relief situations, as tax debt involves complex laws that only an attorney is as deeply familiar with. Their grasp of the federal tax code may prove invaluable in tax negotiations.

How We Can Help You Erase Your Debts and Preserve Your Property

At the Law Offices of Danny K. Agai, our guiding principle is to help clients out of difficult situations. You may be under an overwhelming amount of stress and financial insecurity, so having an experienced professional by your side will help to alleviate at least some of your concerns. As mentioned above, hiring a lawyer is your best debt relief option, as an attorney provides a necessary legal edge to combat any potential lawsuits while taking a more human-based approach by building a legal strategy around your personal goals.

We can help you save your home from foreclosure, explain which assets are exempt based on bankruptcy law, and help you determine high- and low-priority debts that are worth paying off or not worth considering. Our bankruptcy attorney is a well-rounded advocate with nearly a decade of experience in the debt relief sector. Whichever debt relief method you pursue with the guidance of Attorney Danny Agai, he can provide important legal information from his experience in bankruptcy, tax debt relief, and protection from creditor harassment. Whereas a debt settlement company might only offer specific services to develop a debt management plan, a debt relief lawyer can provide assistance in all areas of debt relief. 

You Have More Options

Attorney Danny Agai is also passionate about helping clients maintain long-term financial stability. In addition to wiping away your immediate debts, he will also provide you with guidance outside the realm of bankruptcy and debt relief, such as:

  • tips for building your credit;
  • basic budgeting practices;
  • how to start a retirement plan;
  • how to purchase real estate for long-term financial success.

As a debt relief lawyer, Attorney Danny Agai seeks to help everyday people in a deeper and meaningful way to help them move forward. He has your best interests at heart and is dedicated to resolving your financial issues. Let’s work towards financial freedom today; don’t go through this difficult process alone.

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